Investors are the sole owners of the assets in the liquidity pool, to make Bitsubishi a 100% secure digital currency and to protect investors' assets, Bitsubishi's liquidity-pool tokens have been locked forever. Visit Bitsubishi's website to see the details of the locker.
Bitsubishi has made it ensured that not only is Bitsubishi the world's first secure Digital Payment System (DPS) but it is also 100% completely risk-free. We are being proud to present and to introduce Bitsubishi to the whole world.

No Control over Liquidity Pool

No one can influence the price except Bitsubishi's community because no one owns the huge amount of supply other than its community and LP tokens have been also locked forever.
Liquidity locker will be shown after PancakeSwap (DEX) listing.
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No Control over Liquidity Pool
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